Sanders and Cruz: Healthcare Debate

Tuesday night, U.S. Senators Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) debated on national TV about healthcare and the Affordable Care Act.  Both senators made statements we have come to expect from them.  Sanders generally supported the ACA, but argues that it doesn’t go far enough and should be replaced with Medicare for all.  Cruz hammered Obamacare and recycled squishy claims about people losing their insurance and that government intervention is the main problem with healthcare.  Both candidates took shots at each other, suggesting the Republicans are going to kick millions off of their health insurance and that Democrats support government intruding in decisions between people and their doctors.  In some cases, there was actually agreement between the two senators, especially in their support for allowing the importation of prescription drugs.

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A New Year and a New Congress

The 115th Congress will attempt to shred President Obama’s legacy on healthcare, financial reform and the environment. Democrats need a strong strategy to stop them and protect gains we have made in the last eight years.

Protecting the ACA, CFPB and environment

They say elections have consequences and we are about to find out how true that is.  Republicans in Congress had a trial run in the last session as they controlled both chambers.  They sent President Obama nine doomed bills with no way to override his veto.  Throughout his presidency, Republicans forced President Obama to govern in a partisan manner by refusing to cooperate in any efforts to pass compromise bipartisan legislation.  Now they are clearly signaling that they will govern through their majority and could care less if they get support from Democrats.  Their incoming president has barely given lip service to uniting the country.  With that combination, it would seem the Affordable Care Act, Dodd-Frank and Obama’s environmental regulation are history. Continue reading “A New Year and a New Congress”