A New Year and a New Congress

The 115th Congress will attempt to shred President Obama’s legacy on healthcare, financial reform and the environment. Democrats need a strong strategy to stop them and protect gains we have made in the last eight years.


Protecting the ACA, CFPB and environment

They say elections have consequences and we are about to find out how true that is.  Republicans in Congress had a trial run in the last session as they controlled both chambers.  They sent President Obama nine doomed bills with no way to override his veto.  Throughout his presidency, Republicans forced President Obama to govern in a partisan manner by refusing to cooperate in any efforts to pass compromise bipartisan legislation.  Now they are clearly signaling that they will govern through their majority and could care less if they get support from Democrats.  Their incoming president has barely given lip service to uniting the country.  With that combination, it would seem the Affordable Care Act, Dodd-Frank and Obama’s environmental regulation are history. Continue reading “A New Year and a New Congress”

Obama’s Lack of Confidence in Trump

Yesterday, I was watching MSNBC and Steve Kornacki asked former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell if the move by Obama to sanction Russia over election hacking represented a “lack of faith” in Trump’s willingness to take this cyber attack seriously.  Rendell’s answer was “No, not necessarily,” followed by an explanation that there is one president at a time and a defense of Obama’s actions in responding to aggression by a foreign adversary.  Generally speaking I agreed with everything Rendell said except for his first three words, that I quoted above.  I believe that a lack of faith or lack of confidence in Trump’s commitment to defending the United States from Russia is exactly why President Obama made the decision he did.  Furthermore, the specific sanctions he ordered were designed to put Trump in a very difficult position and forcing him to deal with an issue that he would much rather ignore because it challenges the legitimacy and mandate of his own presidency. Continue reading “Obama’s Lack of Confidence in Trump”